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Squeakee Minis - Poppy Bunny


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Squeakee Minis are the cute mini balloon animals with hilarious helium voices. These cute little animals combine everything that you love about balloons and playful pets. Meet Poppy the Bunny! Poppy is not into Hip-Hop, she's into Hip-POP! This bunny will make you sound so funny, when she repeats what you say in a squeaky helium voice! You won't find a happier, 'hoppier' pet bunny than Poppy!

Pat Poppy and she'll give a `squeak'! Blow on her nose and she'll pretend to inflate then pop in a hilarious way! Her funny helium playback voice will make you giggle. 

Brand: Squeakees
Age suitability: Ages 5+
Dimensions: 18 x 10 x 4 cm

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