Toy Token Information

Toy Tokens are another way in which you can make your money go further! 
Over time you can build up and save your Toy Tokens to receive money off your future orders. 

In order to start collecting Toy Tokens, you must create an account with TillyRoo Toys. Just by creating an account you will instantly receive 25 Toy Tokens. 

From here, for every £1 you spend on toys you will receive a further 3 Toy Tokens. There will be occasions and promotions where the amount of Tokens you can earn per £1 will be more, but never less than 3. 

Once you place an order, you will be unable to use your Toy Tokens for 14 days. This is a industry standard practice used to stop loyalty points systems being abused. After 14 days, you may spend your points providing you hit the required points limit stated below.

In order to redeem your Toy Tokens, you must ensure you have enough points. The rewards available and the amount of points required for each reward are detailed below; 


Reward Value

Points Required










Please note that you will only be able to redeem the awards as above. For example, if you have 150 points, you will be unable to redeem a reward of £1.50. Likewise, if you have 350, you will be able to redeem the £2.50 reward and have a remaining balance of 100 Toy Tokens.