About Us

Tilly Roo Toys was created as a toy store that enables parents to rewards and treat their children regardless of their budget. 

Here at Tilly Roo Toys we want to ensure that every child has access to toys and is provided with the opportunity to learn and develop through play no matter what! 

We are aware that not all families have the financial resources at their disposal to provide their children with 100's of toys. Likewise, we are also aware that there are millions of savvy parents out there who want to make their pennies go further, especially when it comes to spoiling their little ones. 

Through recognising the need for a budget toy shop that does not compromise on quality, Tilly Roo Toys was born. 

Taking on the challenge to be a budget friendly, high quality toy store, we set our golden rule; 


and today we continue to relentlessly work towards our mission of being the number one supplier of toys priced between 1p and £10. 


Making sure you, our customers, get the best value toys for your money is of utmost important to us. So, as well as our golden rule, we have a number of policies, procedures and systems in place so you can rest assured that you are getting high quality toys for low prices. 

  • We have a growing range of toys for £1 or less that are included in our pocket money lines. 
  • We assess the quality of every toy that comes through our door and we follow a simple premise of 'if we wouldn't give it to our children, then we just won't sell it'
  • We offer free delivery on any order over £20. This is one of the lowest free delivery thresholds for a toy store in the UK. 
  • We actively compare the prices of our toys with our competitors to try and offer the lowest prices possible. 
  • We are one of a handful of online toy stores in the UK who offer a loyalty points scheme which allows you to stretch those pennies even further. 

You probably see a lot of toy stores offering the 'lowest prices' or 'best value for money' but following the above we hope you can see that Tilly Roo Toys genuinely offer incredible value for money. 




Toys have the power to make a difference to children's lives. Through play, a child can develop numerous skills such as fine motor skills and social skills. More so, toys have the power to inspire children and spread joy. This is why we have donated to and worked with numerous local charities in the past including Project 21, Autism Initiatives and Junior Achievement. 

We are also regular attendees of school fairs and fun days where the proceeds raised have gone towards numerous educational projects. 

Evidently, our little business has the ability to change lives and we do it all through toys. As a business, we have become a mainstay in our local community and over the coming years we will cherish the opportunity to spread inspiration and joy across the UK through a range of initiatives.